Our Work

Hero Culture

Hero Culture is the social networking and productivity app that helps you focus on your goals and share your story.

It combines productivity and social networking into one app.

This is a massive app with tons of screens, features, and automation. 

This app is also available on both Apple App and Google Play Stores.

Check it out at: TheHeroCulture.com or Download Now


A premier auto-detailing shop

This shop offers a bunch of different services and needed a way to showcase their work and establish on online presence. 

They only provided us with a list of their services and some pictures to sort through. From just that, we worked up the website copy, layout, and some fancy code. 

See the full website!

Alenco Home Remodeling

An internal app for a home improvement company. This app was for contractors and salespeople to calculate and show the price on custom remodeling with discounts and fees. It was a multiplatform app where they could use the computer or their Ipads. 

This app also had a CRM to track customer engagements and create automated follow-up notifications. 

It made the sales process much more organized, streamlined, and professional.

Team Inertia Drift

A simple 1-page website but with e-commerce. 

This team wanted to grow their online presence and sell merch online with an automated fulfillment system (which means less upkeep so they can focus on what they do best while earning money in the background!)

We even set up their online store up with a QR Code so that they can promote their products at live events without carrying any inventory. 

Check it out

AI Gone Wild

A project using many different AI systems. A user can ask the app a question and then it will reply vocally with a funny answer.

This project shows just the "tip of the iceberg" of what AI is capable of. 

A user can go back and listen to their previous questions and save the audio files of the ones they like. 


A coaching app.  Coaches can delegate assignments to their clients. Clients can take notes and track their activities and active tasks. 

A great way for clients to stay accountable to their coaches. 

We also have templates of commone features/apps so that we can streamline building your app idea!